USA SIP Trunk for PBX, Dialer, Call Centers

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks are sold by the channel. Similar to traditional telephone line, each channel handling one incoming or outgoing phone call. Our unlimited SIP trunks customers pay one low monthly fee per channel for all their calls. This gives customers a predictable monthly bill.

Unlike many other SIP Trunking providers, our clients can use any internet provider they choose. This provides our customers the flexibility to choose their own ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The Nationwide Communications offers call centers and telemarketing companies complete trunk lines with competitive pricing.

  • Unlimited Free Lines and Channels
  • Pay Per Minute Outbound Calling as low as $0.0018/Minute



  • Domestic United States coverage
  • Conversational & Dialer rate decks available
  • Connect your own PBX or Dialer
  • Minimum 25 Calls Per Second + 100 Lines/Ports
  • Maximum up to 300 Calls Per Second + 2500 Lines
  • Set Caller IDs for SIP trunk separately or provide your own


Our attorney makes us say this…

All payments are final.  There are no refunds.  This policy includes call quality issues, call failure issues, product failure, price adjustments, cancellation of service or buyer’s remorse.  This policy supersedes any refund policy found on our website or documentation.   Pricing does not include taxes and fees.  Taxes and fees are calculated by a third party and assessed based on reported source and destination of calls.

All rates are based on dialed number LRN rate center.  Only rate centers shown on published rate deck are supported.   Invalid ANI will be billed indeterminante rate.

Nationwide Communications technical support for SIP Trunks is limited to Nationwide Communications’ network only.  Any other technical support labor, determined to be caused by a customer configuration issue or issue with the number dialed, will be deducted from the customer’s balance.  Call completion issues due to invalid or incorrect ANI are assumed to be caused by a customer configuration issue.

Nationwide Communications restricts access on new accounts to any rate center where cost exceeds $0.006/minute due to fraud.  Customers may deposit additional funds or limit capacity to limit or remove this restriction.   Customers balances below $20 will be unable to initiate new calls.  Nationwide Communications does not terminate active calls even if balance is exhausted.  Customers are still responsible for negative balances on SIP Trunk accounts.

All new accounts are limited to 100 ports and 25 calls per second (“CPS”).  Customers who require additional capacity may request up to 2000 ports and 500 calls per second with a sufficient deposit.

Nationwide Communications includes low balance notification upon customer request.  Nationwide Communications does not provide Call Detail Records.

CloudPBX plan is required with minimum of 1 device before activating SIP Trunk account.  CloudPBX delinquency automatically terminates SIP Trunk account with no refunds for unused balance.

Pay Per Minute Plans exempt from Reasonable Use Limitations.   Dialers, Telemarketing and Call Centers Permitted.

Nationwide Communications conforms to United States Law and Standards for Acceptable Use.  Lawful requests from a United States government agency or any FCC licensed telecommunications provider instructing Nationwide Communications to suspend or terminate an account will be honored.   Customers are obligated to conform to the Nationwide Communications Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use policy of all carriers transporting customer calling traffic even if the customer has no control over the source or destination of the traffic.  Any unused funds at the time of suspension or termination will be forfeited.