Cloud Phone System for International Customers

Call Center Cloud PBX Phone System

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With globalization, it is rare for organizations to not have global operations. Multiple offices in different time zones. Even small and medium enterprises are branching out, partly because it has become easier, but to a greater extent because it’s more profitable for them to do so. Today, even smaller firms can take advantage of operating in multiple countries, thanks to developments in technology that make this possible.

Nationwide offers a fully managed, feature rich, scalable cloud VoIP PBX phone system for business that includes a Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM) and everything below for one low monthly price.

Customers must purchase sufficient capacity to meet call demands.  Customers exceeding line capacity, connecting from prohibited IP addresses or canceling/adding more than 1 phone number during any 90-day period may experience a service interruption.

Payment Options

  • Debit Card, Credit Card Payments Accepted, Matching ID Required
  • Discounts Available After 90 Days of On-Time Payments

Outbound Calling Features

  • Unlimited Minutes to continental United States & Canada.
  • Set Caller IDs for each phone separately.
  • Free e-Fax Service to send and receive faxes from your smartphone or desktop computer.
  • Set a different Caller ID when forwarding calls (great for insurance agents who send calls to a contact center after-hours).

Inbound Call Management

  • Unlimited incoming lines, your customers will never hear a busy signal!
  • Queues with customizable maximum wait times and fail-over, free positional announcements, estimated hold times, opt-out to voicemail, free hold music.
  • Auto Attendant / IVR – Allow your customers to enter an extension or choose a department from a custom menu of options.
  • Call Tagging – Know what number your customer dialed before you answer the phone.
  • Free Daily Email Reports including call tallies per phone number or per extension.
  • Tenant Support – Give separate menus, greetings and voicemail boxes for every number. Great for customers running multiple businesses from the same office.
  • On-Demand Custom Call Routing – Send calls to one set of menus, queues, IVRs or voicemail boxes during the day and a different set at night.
  • Included professional hold music (or choose your own!).
  • Free SMS / Text Message Service Sending and receive SMS messages from your Nationwide account.
  • Sugar CRM 6.5 CE includes free hosting with an annual commitment.*
  • Tiger CRM 7.xx includes free hosting with an annual commitment.*

Call Transfer Features

  • Announce or Blind Transfer Calls.
  • Transfer calls between phones.
  • Transfer calls to a home phone or cell phones.
  • Transfer calls to other Nationwide phones spread across diverse geographical areas.

Standard Call Features

  • Call Forwarding with Caller ID Override.
  • Caller ID.
  • Call Waiting.
  • 3 Way Calling.
  • Conference Calling.
  • Do Not Disturb.

Voicemail Features

  • Voicemail on each phone.
  • Check your voicemail from any smartphone.
  • Check voicemail from any web browser.
  • Email Notification of Voicemail including caller’s Caller ID and voicemail length.

Call Center Related Features

  • Automatic Call Recording.
  • On-Demand Call Recording.
  • Live agent monitoring.
  • Live queue monitoring.
  • Ability to add or remove agents from queues using any web browser.
  • Agents can add or remove themselves from any queue using any phone.
  • Floor managers can monitor, whisper or barge on agents from desk phones or roam their call center with a cordless phone.
  • Floor Managers can monitor calls remotely.
  • Call Tagging – Know what number your customer dialed before the agent answers the phone.
  • Record an audio file once and play it back on-demand. Great for sales pitches or leaving the same voicemail message on every call.
  • Free Integration support for Agile CRM with X-Lite or Bria softphones.

Custom Order International Numbers

  • Argentina, Argentina, Australia, Argentina, Austria
  • Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia,
  • Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria
  • Canada, Chile, China, Colombia,
  • Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic
  • Denmark, Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador, Estonia, El Salvador
  • Finland, France
  • Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala
  • Hong Kong, Hungary
  • Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan, Kenya
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
  • Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro
  • Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
  • Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico
  • Romania, Russian Federation
  • Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey
  • Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Our attorney makes us say this…

* Extensions and Unlimited numbers are for reasonable office use only in accordance with the Nationwide Terms of Service at  Customers found to violate Nationwide’s Reasonable Use clause are subject to account restrictions, per minute charges or termination without refund.  Off-network numbers are available at an added cost.  Customers placing orders from outside the United States/Canada, submitting payment from outside the United States/Canada, making or receiving calls outside the United States/Canada without a valid annual payment or customers submitting payment without a valid United States/Canada billing address shall be converted to Call Center Plan.  If sufficient funds have not been received to quality for the Call Center Plan, then all payments shall be forfeit and any orders shall be canceled as fraudulent.   Free Phone Support only available for Nationwide equipment leasing customers only.   All customers using softphones or third party equipment are required to purchase phone support in advance at the published rate.

** Call Center Plans are for telemarketing and call center customers.  Call Center plans compatible with third party dialer services.  Call Center plans do not permit connection of a dialer to Nationwide service for automated outbound dialing.  Call Center Plans simultaneous call limit and number of extensions available is equal to the number of lines purchased.   Phone numbers are not considered when calculating available lines.    Phone numbers may be canceled at any time but replacement numbers are billed at the standard rate.  Number porting must be approved in advance.   Authorized Port Fee of $20 per DID.  Unauthorized Port Fee of $100 per DID.  Late fee of $30 per DID.  Port fees assessed to account and must be paid within 72 hours.  Account may be disabled or terminated without notice for unpaid port fees. 

CNAM services are offered but not supported.   Due to the metered nature of CNAM services by database providers our pricing reflects general estimates for average usage.   If you exceed average call volumes on CNAM enabled numbers we may restrict your use of CNAM services or adjust your monthly rate to reflect our costs while providing these services.  

Rates effective until account is delinquent, one or more services on the account are canceled or customer violations the Nationwide Terms of Service.   

Not all features available in all rate centers.   If e-Fax or SMS features are important to you then please contact Nationwide to confirm your current phone number is e-Fax or SMS capable before signing up for service and/or confirm any selected phone numbers purchased from Nationwide is eFax or SMS capable.  For your security third party SMS Gateways may reject certain messages that contain financial or security data such as those transmitted by financial institutions. 

Customer agrees paid support for softphones, customer supplied equipment or other service is non-refundable and billed in half hour increments.    Purchase of phone support constitutes acceptance of Nationwide Terms of Service found at  Customers purchasing technical services agrees and understands the customer is not obligated to purchase or use Nationwide technical services.  Customer purchasing technical services also agrees and understands Nationwide staff are not experts in any technical services offered and therefore use of Nationwide technical services may lead to damage or loss to the customer.  Purchase constitutes agreement to hold Nationwide wholly harmless in case of such damage.  Purchase of technical services does not guarantee any specific time frame for scheduling such work. 

*** New accounts subject to refundable account deposit.  Account deposit forfeit if account is closed, account is delinquent, account receives a US government complaint, account receives a carrier complaint or account is subject to a TOS violation during initial two billing cycles.  Customer must submit request for refund to the Sales Department or Online Chat during normal business hours.  Customers who quality for a refund shall receive the full deposit amount plus applicable transaction fees via same payment method used to complete payment.   An alternative customer who quality for a refund may request an account credit equal to 120% of account deposit amount.   

Customers may be required to provide photo copies of the physical debit or credit card used to complete payment and matching government identification for the country where the card is issued.  If any portion of the order, debit/credit card or government identification does not match then the order may be rejected and payment confiscated.   

Quotes for international phone numbers issued, outside the United States and Canada, only available to customers with accounts in good standing for more than 90 days or accounts with prepaid annual commitment.   All other customers must submit a $200 deposit, passport and proof of residency before a quote will be issued.   All deposits for international phone numbers are non-refundable.   

Nationwide offers SugarCRM 6.5 CE and Vtiger 7.xx CRM solutions.  SugarCRM 6.5 CE includes 1GB of storage and free hosting with annual commitment.  Vtiger 7.xx includes 1GB of storage and free hosting with annual commitment.  Nationwide offers shared CRM hosting environments free of charge therefore no express or implied warranty is available.  Nationwide offers dedicated CRM hosting environments with additional storage and development access at an additional charge.